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Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning and the result in Indoor Air Quality .

The importance of indoor air quality of a home cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to Air
Duct Cleaning. There has been much controversies on the effect of ducts on indoor air quality
thus there is need for homeowners to be careful when choosing the cleaning contractors that
clean their Dryer vents. The indoor air quality has become a serious environmental concern
because an average person spends about 22 hours indoor on daily basis thus the effectiveness of
air duct cleaning processes must not be compromised.

There are basically three commercial duct cleaning processes used in the reduction of airborne
particles and contaminants; The Vacuum or air contact method (which deploys conventional
vacuum cleaning of the interior region of the duct surfaces), Air sweep method ( which deploys
compressed air in dislodging debris and contaminants), and The rotary brush method ( which
involves the insertion of a rotary device into the ductwork in order to agitate and remove debris,
and contaminants). The effectiveness of each of these Aid Duct Cleaning processes are
evaluated based on the concentration of bacteria and airborne particles recorded immediately
after the cleaning processes.
An effective Air Duct Cleaning process is the one that improves the overall indoor air quality
after the cleaning has been performed. Particle counts of less than 1.0 microns size and a general
reduction in airborne contaminants must also be recorded in order to certify a cleaning process

Generally, EPA does not recommend that Air ducts be cleaned excessively , they are only
recommended for cleaning as needed-basis , and the reason being that indoor air quality may
become depleted if the cleaning equipment is used in the interior , otherwise an exterior cleaning
device is recommended. EPA also recommended that better indoor air quality can be maintained
when you desist from hiring a cleaning company that uses chemical biocides or any other
chemical substance for Air Duct Cleaning in your home.

Of all the Las Vegas Air Duct Cleaning procedures used, it has been observed that the HEPA (High
Efficiency Particle Air) vacuuming equipments are the best because they brush off duct surfaces,
and use powerful pressure to suck up the air and particles from the ducts without contaminating
the air while dislodging the dusts.

According to the EPA, your indoor air may become 2-4 times more polluted than the outside air
due to the toxic gases released from indoor components such as the carpets, and Air duct. Your
indoor air quality can affect your breathing rate as 90% of the time we spend indoors means we
have to inhale ultra-fine particles through our lungs and we may fall sick often when germs and
gases passing through our lungs enter the blood stream. You must be fully informed by your
preferred cleaning company if any biocides or chemicals will be used in the Air Duct Cleaning
service at your home. EPA and other regulatory institutions recommend that air quality before and
after Air Duct Cleaning must be measured anytime such services are performed and if possible
humans and animals must be evacuated before duct cleaning services are performed.

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