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Las Vegas Dryer Vent Cleaning Importance!

Alarming statistics from the United States reveals that in the year 1997, some 16,700 fires in the
United States were linked to dryers, and the accidents resulted in more than 430 cases of injury
and some 30 deaths while properties worth $84.4 million were destroyed. This proof alone
indicates how well you should consider cleaning your home dryer vent. Dryer vents
inspection are becoming more necessary than ever , as the first step towards Air Duct Cleaning,
and with new homes having dryer vents located far from outside walls, that means that dryers
will be more difficult to locate and such positions will create more places where lint collection is
much easier.

Las Vegas Dryer vent cleaning services are important for several reasons;
A dirty dryer vent will decrease the efficiency of the device – If you allow your dryer vent to be
clogged with debris and lint, the dryer will not work as effective as it is supposed to. If you
notice that some clothes still remain damp even after going through a full cycle of drying, then
you should consider an Air Duct Cleaning service. When drying takes longer time, it should
give you a signal that your vent has become less effective and will probably use more energy
because you may have to set the dryer to its highest temperature just to achieve quicker drying.
With continuous usage of higher drying temperatures, the lifespan of the device becomes
shortened, and this may increase the chances of the device catching fire.

Dirty Dryer vent can increase chances of Carbon monoxide poisoning- One of the importance of
having Duct Cleaning performed on your dryer vent is that it helps reduce the build of
carbon monoxide gases. It is crucial that your dryer is properly vented and that also means its
exhaust vent must has no blockage so that the poisonous carbon monoxide build up will not be
forced back into your home. Blockage by lint and debris are the primary reason why some homes
suffer from carbon monoxide suffocation from Dryer vents.

In order to avoid potentially buildup of lint and debris, reduce cost of energy and protect your
family from inhaling dangerous gases, a proper Air Duct Cleaning must be performed. The
general rule of thumb is that an ideal Dryer vent must be cleaned, at least once a year, however,
Dryer vents that are older than 5 years may require more than once-a-year cleaning. Aside the
age of the Dryer , you should also consider other factors such as the number of people regularly
using the Dryer, the length of the dryer, and the location of the dryer. Make sure that the lint
screen is regularly cleaned after use, because , lint builds up each time the Dryer is used.
If you are unsure of the last time you performed Duct Cleaning, you should check the
temperature of the dryer- if it is running hotter than usual, then it is probably working too hard to
keep up with demands , thus it needs some cleaning and servicing.

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