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Air Duct Cleaning Professionals in Las Vegas

The importance of sealants in air duct cleaning

Each year millions of homes across the U.S. hire professionals like ourselves to clean out their
air ducts. Las Vegas County is perhaps one of our biggest markets but it’s also where people
may choose to undertake the job of cleaning their own home’s air ducts. As a matter of fact,
doing it yourself is a great way to save money if you have the time. So, the most common
question that we’re asked is what type of sealant works best and why? Some home owners even
try to find out if they can use sealant on their own and save money by not hiring us – which is
perfectly fine. This is why we’ve decided to put together some information that most people will
find useful.

Manufacturer claims
Manufacturers of sealants like to claim that they prevent dirt and dust particles from settling
down inside your air vent. While it may be true to some extent, it’s not 100% the case. In our
experience there is only a certain extent to which a sealant will be effective. It can certainly slow
down the build-up of dirt and dust for a short period of time but it won’t completely prevent it.
This means that it will not completely prevent the growth of moss and bacterium. For the best
effect make sure to clean the duct’s surface prior to applying any type of sealant. If you are going
to use sealant to coat the duct’s surface then keep in mind that it’s only good to repair damaged
fiberglass insulation or repair fire damage.
You should never use sealants on dirty or wet ducts since they can end up encouraging the
growth of mold. It should only be used after proper dryer vent cleaning. So, replace the wet or
moldy surfaces prior to applying sealant. We would also advise dry duct cleaning prior to sealant

Types of duct sealants
You may have come across duct sealant containing biocide and wondered if it was really
effective. Yes, they are effective because it helps to slow down the recurrence of bacterium and
mold in ducts. This type of sealant is also good for treating problem areas but shouldn’t be
sprayed indiscriminately into an air duct system since the vapors are known to be harmful.
Ideally, you’ll want to follow the directions on the label to the dot.

Hire professionals
If you have never cleaned an air duct before and have no idea where to start then its best to hire a
team of experts. As one of the leading services in Las Vegas we have cleaned the ducts of
hundreds of homes and offices across the city. The one reason why we are successful where
others are not is with the fact that we use the latest tools and equipment to ensure that not only is
the duct cleaned properly but it also stays that way. Plus – we also use the very best sealants and a harmless cleaning regimen so you never have to worry about the duct being damaged, owing to
the use of corrosive materials and damaging methods.

Air Duct Cleaning Las Vegas

Technicians must be reliable, professional and affordable

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